Lot 89: Mobile User Status Patents for Sale
批次89:移动用户状态 - 出售的检测损伤专利

Bid on the Mobile User Status Patent Lot from Ocean Tomo
竞拍Ocean Tomo用于监测用户状态的移动系统专利包

Mobile User Status Patent Lot Asset List

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Lot 89: Mobile User Status Patents for Sale

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market patent auction lot number 89 consists of two assets. The patented methods and systems, which are directed to gathering ambient data from sensors coupled to a measuring device for determining the probability an individual is impaired, detect medical and/or cognitive impairment without the need for specialized devices, examination by specialists, consent of the person being evaluated, and compliance with recommendations to be examined, and may be applied to estimating the level of impairment of a person due to alcohol, drugs, exposure to toxic chemicals, changes to mental status, insufficient sleep, medical problems, changes to blood sugar levels, divided attention, vision changes, hearing changes, use of a mobile device while walking or operating a vehicle, and other factors.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场的89号专利包由两个资产组成。专利方法和系统,用于从耦合到测量装置的传感器收集环境数据,用于确定个体受损的概率,检测医疗和/或认知障碍,无需专门设备,专家检查,同意被评估的人,以及对要检查的建议的遵守情况,并可用于估计因酒精,药物,接触有毒化学品,精神状态改变,睡眠不足,医疗问题,血液变化导致的人的损伤程度糖水平,分散注意力,视力变化,听力变化,在行走或操作车辆时使用移动设备,以及其他因素。

Bid on the Mobile User Status Lot on the Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market
竞拍Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask市场上的用于监测用户状态的移动系统专利包