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Lot 74: Data Processing Patents for Sale

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market patent auction lot number 74, consists of 38 published patents and applications. The technology provides a new framework for natural language and information processing based on a discovery in the relation between linguistic structure and information structure, with methods for automatically acquiring conceptual knowledge from unstructured text data, and for building powerful and effective applications that are far beyond the capabilities of conventional methods including most of the current-stage machine-learning methods. The patents in this lot also provide for building highly effective text analysis and document search and management products. The methods are based on many years of linguistic and cognitive research in how the human language carries information and how users digest information encoded in text data.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场74号专利包待拍,包含38项授权专利和专利申请。该技术基于对语言结构和信息结构之间关系的发现,提供了一种新的自然语言和信息处理框架,以及从非结构化文本数据中自动获取概念知识的方法。该技术为构建功能强大且有效的应用程序提供了新的框架,这些应用程序的功能远远超出了传统方法,也超出了大多数当前阶段的机器学习方法。该专利包还可用于创造高效的文本分析和文档搜索管理产品。这些方法基于多年的语言和认知研究,包括人类语言如何携带信息,以及用户如何消化文本数据中的信息。

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