Lot 182: Ionic Engine Aircraft Patents for Sale

Bid on the Ionic Engine Aircraft Patents Lot from Ocean Tomo
竞拍Ocean Tomo的离子推进飞行器专利包

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Lot 182: Ionic Engine Aircraft Patents for Sale

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market patent auction lot 182 presents a unique portfolio featuring one granted U.S. patent and two pending continuation applications in both the U.S. and Europe. This portfolio features electric-ducted ionic electrode engines that utilize ionic wind to create thrust. It also incorporates electric counter-rotating ducted fan engines in a quadrocopter configuration, ensuring improved efficiency and power output. This technology has a broad spectrum of applications, spanning from passenger-carrying aircraft to shipping vessels and drones. The key advantage is its capacity to significantly enhance the range of electric vehicles without compromising on speed. This novel design is poised to capture the attention of vehicle manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, and drone makers, all keen on leading the charge in sustainable transportation technology.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场182号拍卖展示了一个独特的专利包,其中包括一项已授予的美国专利和两项在美国和欧洲待审的延续申请。该专利包采用电导管离子电极发动机,利用离子风产生推力。它还在四轴飞行器配置中采用了电动反向旋转涵道风扇发动机,确保提高效率和功率输出。这项技术具有广泛的应用范围,从载客飞机到船舶和无人机。其主要优势是能够在不影响速度的情况下显着提高电动汽车的续航里程。这种新颖的设计有望吸引汽车制造商、飞机制造商和无人机制造商的注意,他们都热衷于引领可持续交通技术。

Potential buyers can access a Patent Landscape Report with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) upon request. This report gives a clear picture of the competitive landscape, showing the main companies that are leading in drone innovation and their market shares. The report looks closely at the patent portfolio we present in this auction, showing how this technology can improve drones, make them safer, and help meet regulations. The report also looks at market trends and what is driving growth. The proposed aircraft design and its advanced propulsion technologies are primed to contribute to the growth trends in the drone market. Here’s how:

Extended Range and Versatility: The enhanced flight time achieved through advanced propulsion technologies unlocks new possibilities for long-range missions, such as remote inspections, search and rescue, and precision agriculture. This will attract industries looking to harness the potential of drones for more complex and distant tasks.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance: With reduced noise emissions and increased maneuverability, the technology aligns well with aviation authorities’ evolving regulations. As regulations continue to grow to ensure safer skies, this innovation’s ability to comply with noise restrictions and maneuverability requirements will place it in a favorable position.

Market Expansion and Disruption: The adaptability of the aircraft design has the potential to reshape existing market segments while creating opportunities in  new ones. Industries that have faced challenges adopting drones due to limitations will now have access to tailored solutions.

Sustainability: As sustainability becomes a core consideration for businesses worldwide, this technology’s ionizing electrode engines and improved energy efficiency provide a unique selling proposition that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers and corporations.

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Bid on the Ionic Engine Aircraft Patents Lot from Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Marketplace
竞拍Ocean Tomo Bid Ask市场上离子推进飞行器专利包

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