Lot 181: Rotational Engine Patents for Sale

Bid on the Rotational Engine Patents Lot from Ocean Tomo
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Lot 181: Rotational Engine Patents for Sale

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market patent auction lot 181 presents a unique portfolio featuring one granted U.S. patent and two pending continuation applications. This portfolio introduces an innovative combustion engine technology that conserves energy by circulating pistons around a ring, igniting fuel in precisely timed chambers. The technology embodied in this portfolio, delivers outstanding energy efficiency, drastically reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and operating costs, while maintaining substantial power output. Ideal for vehicles, boats, trains, and aircraft, this technology presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers seeking to bolster their engine capabilities and contribute to a greener future. With a combined market size of $261 billion for automotive and industrial engines, this portfolio holds immense potential for those looking to reshape the future of engine technology and environmental impact.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场181号拍卖提供了一个有价值的专利包,其中包含一项已授予的美国专利和两项待决的延续申请。该专利包引入了一种创新的内燃机技术,该技术通过使活塞绕环循环,在精确的时间点燃燃料来节省能源。该专利包提供出色的能源效率,大幅降低燃料消耗、碳排放和运营成本,同时保持可观的功率输出。该技术非常适合车辆、船舶、火车和飞机,为寻求增强发动机性能并为绿色未来做出贡献的制造商。汽车和工业发动机的市场规模合计达 2610 亿美元,对于那些希望重塑发动机技术和环境影响未来的人们来说,该专利包具有巨大的潜力。

Ocean Tomo has a detailed Patent Landscape Report for those interested in buying patents related to rotational engines. This report can be reviewed under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The report focuses on rotational engines with inner and outer rings, specifically highlighting patent US11619133. It explores the technological landscape, pointing out potential areas for growth and the integration of emerging technologies. Understanding this report is important to grasping the strategic significance of this patent portfolio and its potential to drive technological progress and market change in the environmentally conscious engine industry. Amidst a landscape where the US industrial engine industry holds a significant 23.8% market share due to growing end-use sectors and government-backed initiatives in energy, automotive, and agriculture, a new technology emerges. The presented rotational engine system aims to address concerns surrounding high operational costs, maintenance expenses, and carbon emissions associated with traditional engines. By efficiently conserving energy during operation, this technology offers a potential solution to these challenges. The report also includes companies in the industrial engine market that could be partners or acquirers for the rotational engine. Please reach out for further details if interested.

Bid on the Rotational Engine Patents Lot from Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Marketplace
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