Lot 134: Solar Cell Module for Incident Light Collection Patents for Sale

Bid on the Solar Cell Module for Incident Light Collection Lot from Ocean Tomo
竞拍Ocean Tomo的用于收集入射光的太阳能电池模块专利包

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Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market patent auction lot 134 offers one U.S. patent proposing a manufacturing method of high-performance solar cell. The subject technology uses a coiled configuration placed inside a refractive medium within a housing to maximize the surface area used for sunlight absorption and thereby increasing the efficiency of the solar cell. Further, placing the absorption surface in a refractive medium would decrease reflection of light thus increasing sunlight absorption which ultimately results in more power generation. According to the inventor, this is “the only coiled cell technology patent according to USPTO” and provides "a fundamental increase in efficiency over current solar technology". Alternative “green” energy is on the rise everywhere across the world, and solar power’s share of the green market is growing rapidly in many countries. The technology included in the portfolio is solar cell agnostic and therefore may be applied in a variety of solar applications. The portfolio will benefit companies operating in solar manufacturing, solar cell fabrication, energy, optical film, and electronics fields.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场134号待售专利包提供了一项美国专利,涉及高性能太阳能电池的制造方法。本技术使用盘绕配置,将盘绕配置放置在壳体内的折射介质内部,以最大化吸收太阳光,从而提高电池效率。此外,将光热转换材料放置在折射介质中,可以减少光反射,从而增加太阳光吸收,最终提高发电量。发明人认为,这是“美国专利商标局唯一认证的盘绕电池技术专利”,并且“从根本上提高了当前的太阳能技术的效率”。替代性“绿色”能源在世界各地都在增加,在许多国家,太阳能在绿色市场中的份额正迅速增长。该专利包将使太阳能、太阳能电池制造、能源、光学膜和电子领域的公司受益。

Bid on the Solar Cell Module for Incident Light Collection Lot from Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Marketplace
竞拍Ocean Tomo Bid Ask市场上的用于收集入射光的太阳能电池模块专利包

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