Lot 105: Portable Barrier Patents for Sale

Bid on the Portable Barrier Lot from Ocean Tomo
竞拍Ocean Tomo的便携式屏障专利包

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Lot 105: Portable Barrier Patents for Sale

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market patent auction lot 105 consists of eight assets covering jurisdictions such as the U.S., Europe, China, India and Mexico. The invention is related to a portable and collapsible barrier unit that is lightweight and can be easily transported and erected. The barrier unit includes a flexible diaphragm that can be expanded to a desired shape that will act as a barrier. Each barrier unit can be used alone or with other barrier units to create a wall or corral. The portfolio is novel in different aspects. First, the invention provides a portable, collapsible, lightweight barrier unit. Second, the invention can be used to contain bulk materials and liquids such as soil, grain or water. Third, the barrier can be cost-effectively manufactured. Finally, the barrier can be reused.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场待拍的105号专利包由八个资产组成,覆盖了美国、欧洲、中国、印度和墨西哥等主要司法辖区。该发明有关一种轻便、易于运输、易于竖立的便携式可折叠屏障。该屏障单元包含一个柔性隔膜,该隔膜可(充气)扩张为屏障。每个屏障单元既可以单独使用,也可以与其他屏障单元一起使用,以形成墙面或围栏。该专利包的新颖之处在于,首先,本发明提供了一种便携式的、可折叠的、轻便的屏障单元。其次,本发明可容纳散装材料与液体,例如土壤、谷物或水。第三,该屏障制造价格低廉。最后,其可以被重复利用。

Bid on the Portable Barrier Lot on the Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market
竞拍Ocean Tomo Bid Ask市场上的便携式屏障专利包

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