Lot 102: Particulate Materials Patents for Sale

Bid on the Particulate Materials Lot from Ocean Tomo
竞拍Ocean Tomo的颗粒材料专利包

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Lot 102: Particulate Polymer Materials with High Adsorption Capacity Patents for Sale

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask(TM) Market patent auction lot number 102 consists of three assets providing the use of a porous particulate polymer material as a support for an active agent (either organic or inorganic in chemical nature). The assets are advanced in different aspects. First, the particulate polymer material is produced as a micrometer-sized sphere with high adsorption capacity for both metal ions and small organic molecules. Second, the particulate polymer material can be easily dispersed in all common thermoplastic materials and used as a template to produce hollow silica shells. The patents in this lot have a priority date of 5/5/2004.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™市场上的102号专利包由三个专利组成,这些专利支持使用多孔颗粒聚合物材料作为活性剂(有机或无机化学性质)的载体。该待售资产有诸多方面的优势。首先,颗粒状聚合物材料制成微米级的球体,对金属离子和小的有机分子均具有高吸附能力。其次,粒状聚合物材料可以轻松地分散在所有常见的热塑性材料中,也可以用作生产空心二氧化硅壳的模板。相关专利的优先权日期为2004年5月5日。

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