Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market FAQs

For further information on the Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market, please email Bid-Ask@oceantomo.com


What is a “Lot”?

The “Lot” each asset offered by itself or any groupings of assets that are aggregated for a single sale at the Auction.

What is an “Ask”?

An “Ask” means the amount, established by Ocean Tomo, at which the lot will be sold, if met.

Is the “Ask” the same as the Reserve Price?

The Ask and the Reserve price may not be the same amount.

What is a “Bid”?

The “Bid” is an offer by the Bidder to purchase a Lot at a specified price.

How do I register to bid?

Email Bid-Ask@oceantomo.com to request the Bidders Registration Agreement.

How do I access secure data room?

Email Bid-Ask@oceantomo.com to request an NDA/SDA.

Is there a minimum bid?

Yes, $30,000/¥199206.00.

Is there a minimum bid advance increment?

Yes, the bid advances in $30,000/¥199206.00 or more increments.